On the occasion of Children's Day (14th November) Kids Meadow Kindergarten organized an event "RANG BHAR DE" Student of all classes participated in Drawing Competition with great enthusiasm. Every students received token of appreciation and 5 students were chosen for best performance."
TREE PLANTATION DAY celebrated at school on 20th August 2019.
Mango day celebration at school on 31st July for Prenursery and Nursery
Splash pool activity for Nursery & Kg on 12 April 2019
Tree Plantation Day held in Kids Medow School
Splash Pool Activity for Nursery & KG
Tree plantation on 18th August 2017
Rainy day celebration in August 2017
Activity to enhance creative learing of Alphabets(For Nursery students)
Mathematical activity for Nursery class to activate their inclination an dintellectualpower in this area
Sport's event organised in lush green ground of Kids Meadow School on 24th Jan 2017
Fruit cocktail party organised on 20th Jan 2017
Christmas Celebration :
Food without fire on 5th August 2016 :
You can do it on 5th August 2016 :
Rainy Day celebration on 22 July 2016 :
Splash Pool Fun Activity on 13th April 2016 :
Sports Event:
Recognition of Grains & Spices:
Fruit Cocktail Party:
Children's Day Celebration:
Diwali Celebration:
Garba Celebration:
Water Melon Day Celebration :
Splash Pool Activity :
Tulips 2015 :
Independence Day Celebration :
School Infrastructure :
Creative Learning
Diya Decoration

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