Director’s Desk

It gives me immense pleasure in announcing that Kids Meadow Kindergarten School has come up in achieving new heights and success in a very short span of time.

Each child has inherent, underlying, unique power in depth of their being, we strive to bring forth that potential and nurture them in a positive direction. We believe and embrace this philosophy that childhood is a beautiful journey not a race, so we are committed to instill in each child the respect for the dignity of life, diligence, prudence and be a creative thinkers to face the challenges of 21st century.

The experienced school staff is dedicated to assist children in their educational voyage by giving them support, encouragement and positive attention. The school is equipped with all the facilities to make the children education pleasant and relaxed. Children from the age of 2-5 years grow rapidly on cognitive, social, physical, emotional interact with stages. So we make sure that each child should learn through play based activities, others develop their creative potential, cognitive abilities which are milestones before they are burdened with formal education.

We believe that each child should leave school with learning and fruitful experience, so that they can create value in their personal and social life and become charismatic leader to contribute the society

Kavita Shrivastava
PG in Psychology, B.Ed,

Diploma in Guidance & Counselling
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