• We provide wide range of stimulating toys to encourage the imagination and creativity of tiny tots.
  • The School organizes various festival celebrations every year, all children participate with great zeal and enthusiasm.
  • Exercise, Yoga, Games and Aerobics are special highlight of school.
  • Various events like Fancy Dress, Picnic, Field Trip, are organized in school.
  • The School acquaint the children about the significance of various seasons by celebrating Rainy Day, Winter Day and Sunny Day.
  • A health checkup for the tiny tots by Pediatric is prime feature of school.
  • Singing, Dance and Computer Education are special highlights of school.
  • We provide a range of craft Activity such as Painting, Drawing, Coloring and Sticking and support the children as they learn to hold and use Pens, Pencils and other writing materials.
  • Splash pool and Sandpit are integral part of school to create fun and facilitate muscular and cardiovascular exercise for the children.
  • Project work on Alphabet, Vegetable, Numbers, Shapes, and Fruits are an essential part of school program.
  • Parents Orientation Program is held every year to guide them for proper upbringing and suggest the ways to channelize creativity and innovativeness of their young ones.
  • Teachers Day Celebration is held every year. The young ones dressed up and enacted and imitate their teachers.

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